Baccraft Miniatures

Bedroom Furniture Set Wooden Dolls House Toy For Children

Complete set of furniture for dollhouse is made of high quality wood and non-toxic dyes, fulfilling the demanding regulations and ensuring the safety of children.

What girl does not want to have a dollhouse to play and play forever with dolls, Miniatures Dollhouse accessories, On the Internet you can find a variety of homes simpler and cheaper and larger and complete dolls. There are also plastic and wooden houses rather cool. There are so many that sometimes it is difficult to choose, but hey, according to the budget of each, bound to find the right house dolls. It is ideal to play with several boys or girls, especially if you play with more dolls, where the only limit is the imagination of children. Ah! There are also small accessories and furniture to decorate the houses making them more real and more fun when playing.

This magnificent dollhouse comes with everything you need to start playing immediately. The facade of the house and the roof open for easy game. There furnished four rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hall, stairs and two rooms on the attic. The doors and windows open to truth and there is a sliding door to the patio in the back includes snowmen family: mother, father, two children and nanny. Not to mention the dog and cat. It will delight girls, big and small.

This set of toy dolls Childrens Wooden Dolls House, Miniature Dolls House Furnitureis a colorful sturdy, well made, with a bunk bed with ladder, a rocking horse, a high chair, a rocking chair and a cot. This set toy nursery timber is great as an addition to the dollhouse or play on your own.