The Comanches

By Callaway Kobes

Who were the Comanches

The Comanches were a native american in who live in the plains. Their territory Stretched from north mexico to Kansas and from new mexico to Texas or known as the the Texas plains, there territory was called Comancheria. They were superb hunters who adopted riding on source back.

Every day life

Since they were hunters they ate game such as bison and gathered other food such as nuts roots and fruits that they could find. They lived in sixteen to eighteen pole tepees covered with buffalo hide.

Hunting style

Since the Comanche Adopted horseback riding they become great hunters. They would surround a herd of buffalo, then they would throw spears at the bison or shoot them with bows and arrows.

Organization of leadership

  • They were separated into 5 main different bands
  • Each band had a peace chief and war chief, a council of elders who made important decisions
  • These chiefs were chosen by members of the bands
  • sometimes leaders in bands would meet as a council to make decisions together


  • The Comanche were believers in both good and bad spirits, their religion was Meager.
  • They had there own form of the sun dance
  • They would smoke pipes for the great spirit

Were are they now?

Now they live on a reservation in present day oklahoma.

Fun Facts

  • There name means "anyone who wants to fight me all the time."
  • They arrived in Texas different times
  • They were originally from the rocky mountains
  • They started learning how to ride horses at six