June 2015 Well-Oiled News!

Happy Summer!

Congratulations to Janice Syverson for reaching Manager Rank this month!

A big welcome to our new doTERRA enrollees! Sara Overton, Sally Neiland, Krista Morehead, Jacquii Jimenez, Sarah Hull, Gloria and Jerry Lee, Rhonda Holden and Nikki Dearing! Enjoy your new journey with these therapeutic essential oils. They are so amazing! I learn something new about them everyday.

Awesome June Specials!

The Oils Game!

Register for this fun, free way to learn about how to use the essential oils in your everyday life. There is a casual track and a 'competitive' one for people who like to win freebies!! Encourage your team members to sign up at: theoilgame.com


We are moving to Shoreline this month - the north seattle area - so my husband can be closer to his work. He's been commuting long distances for the last 15 years for us. I'll miss my friends dearly but we do plan on coming back to retire here and I'll have team trainings and events that I hope you can attend! I'll be over for some Farmer's Market Sundays this summer too. Looking forward to catching up with Seattle friends and my old high school buddies. My cell phone and email will stay the same 509.304.4454 and welloiledwdoterra@gmail.com