Heller VS District of Columbia

A second amendment Supreme Court Case

Heller plans to take his case to the Supreme Court

The Firearms Control Regulations Act in 1975 banned all handguns except those registered before 1975 and restricted the use of rifles and shotguns. Heller learning this decided that this was unconstitutional and decided to sue the state. When he took his case to state level he lost. He then decided to take his case to the Supreme Court.

Heller has Won

After a very close vote 5-4, Heller wins the case and gets the unconstitutional Firearms control Regulation act of 1975 repealed. This fire arms act took away handguns registered after 1975 and it put strict laws and regulations on rifles and shotguns. Thanks to Heller it has now been repealed Heller has restored the second amendment right back to the district of f Columbia.

Our Thoughts

We agree with the court we should be able to have the freedom of of second amendment right. Is a big unethical limit to the people of Columbia's freedom and they should not have to live with that limit to freedom.



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