2000 Presidential Election

By: Jacob Muehlius

The 2000 Presidential election featured George Bush (R) and Dick Cheney versus Al Gore (D) and Joe Lieberman.

Why was the election so important?

The 2000 election was not only important because it decided the 43rd president of our country, but also because although Al Gore won the popular vote George Bush won the electoral votes. Gore won 48.4% of the popular vote to Bush's 47.9%. But, Bush won 271 electoral votes to Gore's 266. So who becomes President? Because Bush won 271 of the needed 270 electoral votes, he became president.
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This made Al Gore very mad because he won the popular vote.

Now in all seriousness this was a big issue. Who should become President? The winner of the popular vote or the winner of the electoral votes? There might have been an easy solution. The margin of victory in Florida was so small, a mandatory recount was called, but the results came back almost the same. This issue was taken up to the Supreme Court, who voted in favor of granting Bush the votes. Thus, granting Bush the victory.

My Reaction

I thought this topic was very fun to learn more about. The odds of this occurrence happening are so small it is interesting to see what would happen when it does happen.

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