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August 2017

Did You Know...

Clinton District Demographics

Caucasian 40%

Black 3%

Asian 1%

Hispanic 48%

Native American 7%


Newcomers: First year immigrant students, they speak little or no English

How long it takes an ELL student to FULLY COMPREHEND English?

It takes a Newcomer five to seven years to fully comprehend English, not until they are five or seven years old, but five to seven years. If a newcomer enters an American school at the age of 10 they will not fully comprehend the English language until they are 15 to 17 years old.

Limited Word Knowlege

Limited word knowledge stands in the way, and restricts, academic growth and opportunities.


Academic Word Walls, Conversation Walls, Vocabulary Walls, Anchor Charts etc.

Watch and Listen to this Newscast

Spanish TV news (Antena 3) - June Calsor

How do you think a large portion of our students feel sitting in an English speaking classroom all day?

Allow newcomers to sit by a student that can translate, or allow students to collaborate/brainstorm in their native language. It is not "against the rules" to allow students an opportunity to speak in their native language from time to time in class, in the lunchroom, or at recess.


Site ELL Classes

Each site has an ELL Assistant.

K-8th grade students attend classes 2-4 times each week depending on their previous spring WIDA scores. Classes will begin the week of September 4th.

The High School has a "Push-in" program with an ELL assistant.

Apps & Beyond

Duolingo, BrainPopESL, Starfall, Footsteps to Brilliance, English in a Flash, Quizlet...search free Learning English apps

ELL Pinterest boards to follow:

Larry Ferlazzo


OSDE: Language Learners

Connect with Families

Remind 101 (app with translate button)

Google Translate

School Webpage (translate button)

SayHi (translate app)

These may not be perfect but families will appreciate your effort!

Are You Culturally Responsive Teaching?

Culturally Responsive Teaching - Listen to the Silence

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