Imagine Math

New River Middle School

Program Overview

Imagine Math is a program that can be used throughout the entire school year to help students progress through standards-based lessons on their own individualized pathway. It can be used for students in grades PreK-8, as well as those enrolled in Geometry and Algebra I. Below are some helpful tips for implementing the program, along with the appropriate resources to assist you in using it with your students.

Live Teacher Support

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another certified Math teacher in the room to assist your students, on-demand? We've got you covered! With Imagine Math, students have access to live, state-certified Math teachers at the click of a button.

Our teachers coach students to develop strategic thinking and develop the skills of Mathematical Practice. You + Imagine Math Live Teachers = Sucess!


Working out problems on paper is critical. The Journal holds students accountable for their work, and allows you to view their thought process. Journaling is to be incorporated for every question in the Guided Learning section within Imagine Math lessons. Be sure to model and practice journaling with your students multiple times before they take the first Benchmark – it is critical that students completely understand this process before getting started on the program.

Usage Recommendations and Login Information

Usage Recommendations

Weekly usage Goal: 60 minutes

Ideal Weekly Usage Goal: 90 minutes


2-3 passed lessons per week

Goal: Think 30! (Passed lessons)

Educator Login:

Browser: Google Chrome


Username: district email address

Password: Click 'Forgot you password?'

*Educators and Family Tab - no site code needed

Student Login:

Browser: Google Chrome


Username and Password: Student ID (no leading 0...start with 6)

Remember to print the login cards: Instructions

Getting Started


  • Login and verify rosters.
  • If needed edit student language or session.
  • Print Login Cards.
  • Review additional resources.
  • Monitor usage.


  • Students will take Benchmark 1.

Additional Resources