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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Important Arrival and Dismissal Changes for Winborn Families - effective Tuesday, March 1st

Our goal is to remake, make over, alter, revamp and make a change for the better!

To ensure a safe and rapid drop off and pick up of our students each day, the following procedures have been developed. The cooperation of the entire DWE community is imperative for its success. We assure you this is not an act of change just to make a change, but to ensure a safe and productive means for students, parents and buses during our morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

Starting Tuesday, March 1st, parent drop off and pick up will be in the back of the building. Buses will drop off and pick up at the front of the building. Our walkers and bikers will keep their usual method of entering and exiting the campus with moderate supervision. During arrival and dismissal times the entire front driveway will be used and cars will not be allowed to enter to drop off or pick up students. Adjustments during rainy days will be made.

Due to the new procedures, if you would like to change your child’s mode of transportation from walker to car rider or bus rider, please send a note to your child’s teacher or fill out a Change of Transportation form in the front office.


All buses will enter at the front of the building. Students will be dropped off and enter the building through the front doors. Small buses will continue to use the small circular drive. Parents needing to use the small circular drive will be given a special PASS that will permit them. Daycare buses will let out in the back of the building in the car rider line. Students arriving after 8:20am will need to be brought to the front entrance to check in through the office.

Early arrivals, I-station and Choir and Drama Club rehearsals will also enter through the back of the building.


All buses will park at the front of the building using the entire circle, pass the playground area. Small buses will continue to use the small circular drive. Parents needing to use the small circular drive will be given a PASS that will permit them.

Parent pick up will be in the back of the building using the same format as we currently use but with more pick up stations. As you exit the campus, parents are expected to turn right onto Crutchfield. There will be no left turn there during the arrival and dismissal times.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in helping us have a smooth transition to our new procedures. Below are the new Arrival and Dismissal Procedures.

Winborn Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

1. Locations and details of arrival and dismissal for each method:

a. Car RiderStudent drop off will begin at 7:55 a.m. in the south side driveway located at the back of the building/back parking lot. Cars should line up north bound on Crutchfield entering the car line only from the end. Cars entering the drop off/pick up line should not cut into the line or turn left into the school drive from Crutchfield between 7:00-9:00 a.m. or 2:00-4:00 p.m. Cars exiting the driveway may not turn left on Crutchfield from 7:00-9:00 a.m. or 2:00-4:00 p.m. Cars exiting the driveway should turn right onto Crutchfield and proceed north. Each family will be provided a sign to place on their dashboard to be used for pick up. Please place this sign in the front window of your vehicle each day when you come to pick up your child. This will assist us in expediting the process of our parent pick up system. If your student identification sign gets lost or worn, replacements are available in the office. Parents may wish to have multiple car rider signs for unexpected car or driver changes. Please do not park on the street and walk across the pickup area to get your child(ren). This causes added congestion and delays and poses a safety hazard to the children and our staff. A car without a car rider sign will be asked to park, come in the building, show identification, and sign out the student in the front office to insure each child is leaving only with those authorized to pick up the student. Students arriving after 8:20 a.m. will be considered tardy and parents will need to proceed to the front of the school and escort their child into the building and sign them in as the doors at the back of the building will be locked.

b. “Bus Rider- The bus loading/unloading area in the north side of the building is strictly reserved for buses between 7:50-8:20 a.m. and in the afternoon when dismissal begins. Bus riders will enter through the front office doors and will exit the building using the doors in the north sector of the building.

c. “Day CareDaycare vans will drop off at the south side of the building/back parking lot. This is the same area as car rider. Please inform the daycare to bring your children between 7:55 a.m. – 8:10 a.m. and to pick up your children promptly at dismissal time (3:40 p.m.). Supervision is not available when daycare buses arrive late. Please be sure your child’s teacher knows which daycare bus your child will be riding. If your child is absent or goes home ill from school during the day, please notify the daycare center that your child will not be riding the daycare van/ bus.

d. “Bikers” – Bike riders are to use the doors at the east/west corners to exit the building and access the bike rack. Bike locks are recommended daily to keep bikes safe. When arriving at school, children need to walk bikes across the street at the crosswalk and continue walking them to the bike racks. Bicycles may not be ridden on school grounds. All bicycles must be locked securely when parked at school. DWE cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen bicycles. Students are not to share locks.

e. “Walkers” – Students designated as walkers should utilize the door closest to their route home. Walkers headed east are to use the doors at the east corner (Pre-K area) to exit the building. Walkers headed west are to use the doors facing west, the Instructional Coach hallway. Parents will not be able to walk up to the recess gate to pick up students for the safety of the student and parent walking in between busses.

The help of every parent is needed to instruct their children on safety when walking or riding a bike to school. If you plan for your children to walk or ride a bike to school, please walk their route with them several times before you permit them to walk or ride alone. It is most important that students walk on the sidewalks and cross the street by walking in the crosswalk. DWE does not permit roller blades to be brought to school. Bike riding or walking along FRANZ ROAD is strongly discouraged! We do not support the decision for any student to be unsupervised on the busy street. If, however, a parent chooses for his/her child to do this, a written letter must be sent to the principal stating that parental permission is given. Your assistance in encouraging safety with your children is appreciated.

Walkers, including those accompanied by adults, are to use the sidewalks from the front doors. Crossing traffic, even with an adult, is not permitted.

2. The driveway in front of the school is designated as a bus unloading/loading zone during arrival and dismissal times. During the school day parents may use the front drive to enter the building through the front office. Parents picking up their children in cars, south side of the building during arrival and dismissal, must have a sign with their name provided by the school that is clearly visible in the vehicle front window. The teacher on duty will call the name of the child on the sign and the child will walk to the indicated pick-up station when called.

3. Parents are required to report to the office to sign their child out if they must take a child out of the pick-up line during dismissal. Teachers on duty need to see which cars children are getting into in order to help assure safety. PARENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PULL STUDENTS OUT OF THE CAR RIDER LINE, BUS LINE OR OFF THE BUS. IN ADDITION, PARENTS MAY NOT TAKE THEIR CHILD OUT OF THE CAR RIDER LINE OR DAYCARE LINE. THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF OUR STUDENTS.

4. If you choose to check-out your child prior to the end of the day, please do so before 3:15 p.m. After that time, you will be asked to wait in the front office until after dismissal to allow school personnel to complete their after-school duty and maintain safety for all children.

5. Parents or students will not be allowed to exit the building through the north doors by the buses. Walking between buses can be hazardous and therefore is strictly prohibited.

6. If there is a change in a student’s normal dismissal procedures, a written note must be sent to the student’s teacher indicating this change. Please indicate if this change of transportation is going to be a permanent or a temporary change.

7. All children must leave campus at their class dismissal time in the afternoon. The buses will bring children home promptly. Please encourage your children to think carefully before they leave school for the day so that they will have everything needed for homework and projects. The school doors will be locked at 4:15 p.m. unless there is a special activity taking place after regular school hours.

Transportation changes should be infrequent and only out of necessity. Try to predict afternoon school day plans and inform your child(ren) in advance how he/she will go home that day. Please understand that a teacher is responsible for correctly and safely directing up to thirty elementary students to the appropriate dismissal location. In addition, there is often only one staff member working in the front office. Written transportation changes after a teacher’s conference period requires hand delivery by office staff to a classroom.

For safety purposes, all written transportation changes must be received by 3:00 p.m. All faxed transportation changes to (281) 644-1510 must have a copy of the parent’s driver’s license attached. It is recommended that you call the office to make sure your fax has been received at (281) 237-6650. Phone calls, messages on a teacher’s voicemail, or e-mail are not acceptable ways to notify the school of a child’s transportation change. Staff members cannot permit a student to change his/her mode of transportation without written notification from a parent/guardian.

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Calendar for Thursday, February 25th - Wednesday, March 2nd

Thursday, February 25th - Rotation Day 4, I-station 7:45am

Friday, February 26th - Rotation Day 5, Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, Drama Club 7:15am

Saturday, February 27th - Fun Run (see information below)

Monday, February 29th - Rotation Day 6, I-station 7:45am, Challenge, Lego Club 3:45pm, Campus Advisory Team Meeting 4pm

Tuesday, March 1st - Rotation Day 1, New Arrival and Dismissal Procedures begin, Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, I-station 7:45am, No School Store

Wednesday, March 2nd - Rotation Day 2, Eagle Drummers 7:15am, I-station 7:45am, Drama Club 3:45pm

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School Store News

The School Store is currently closed. We hope to have it open and available again after the Spring Break.

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope For Heart donations end March 4, 2016.

Lost & Found

We have many items in our Lost & Found right now. Please have your student check the lost and found for any items they may be missing. All Lost & Found items not claimed prior to the Spring Break will be donated.


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Financial Information Academy

The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services is hosting the annual Financial Information Academy on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the Educational Support Complex (ESC). The two identical sessions will be held from 9:00AM-11:30AM and 12:30PM-3:00PM.

The purpose of this event is to communicate information to parents about financing post-secondary education and training for their children.