Conserving Water Use

Help out the amount of water use in our school by-lampus17

Problem about water consumption

The problem about water consumption is that people aren't helping save the water we have on earth. So, to find ways to conserve water in our school, keep reading!

Solutions to Help Conserve Water

Some Solutions

Here are the ways to conserve water that I found. One solution is to put a limit on the water fountains when one person is drinking, becasue when you drink out of the fountains, a lot of the water doens't even go into your mouth. Another way for conserving water is to have seperate buttons on the sinks, instead of just one big one, becasue when you're washing your hands by yourself, three sinks are running, when you only need one. My last idea is for the cafeteria, instead of leaving the water run while they're doing dishes, the school cand get automatic sinks for the cafeteria, so that when the lunch ladies are rinsing off dishes for the dish washer, they don't have to keep the water on, they just have to put a dish under the automatic sink, and it will turn on, and when they pull it away, the water will just shut off.

Saving water

Do you want to have to drink water out of dirty creeks? Then help conserve water on planet Eath!