Land of Smiles

Would you like a break? Want to see the world? Then come to exotic and grand Thailand.


Taking a trip to Thailand is worth the travel time simply because of the extraordinary food.Thailand is home to exquisite foods such as Pad thai , a traditional Thai dish, Penang, Spiced Squid, Gai, Som Tum, and almost all foods include either ginger or lemon grass. Many foods such as spiced squids are lightly cooked and lightly seasoned yet have a tangy and delicious taste. The Thai use only the freshest ingredients in their cuisine and keep a fit and healthy lifestyle due to eating correctly.


Join the millions of Tourists who chose Thailand when booking vacations. The grand palace in Bangkok is a must see for all tourists to Thailand. With Gold spires, carved dragons and ornaments, jade inlaid with gold, and gardens dotting the palace, this truly is a feat of master architecture. Another tourist attraction is The Temple of Dawn, a famous landmark constructed of stone, its highest tower is a staggering 104 meters tall. Many people have decided to make Thailand their vacation spot, in fact Thailand's record for the most tourists in one year was set in 2011 . In 2011 a total of 15,936,400 tourists were recorded in Thailand. Many Tours are available such as:

  • The Khao Yai National park tour and elephant ride
  • The Khao Sok Canoeing tour
  • The elephant trek, Rafting and hill tribe village tour from Ching Mai

Thailand, Recreation and outdoor activities

The Thai participate in many Recreational activities not only for locals but for tourists too. Such as Learning to sail at yacht pro international, or maybe diving in a group at the Barakuda dive centre, or even hiking to the kata viewpoints cliffside to look out at the ocean.


You Should travel to Thailand because of the thrilling and exotic entertainment. Entertainment is one reason so many come to thailand on vacation, thailand is home to Muay Thai ( a form of martial arts) and Thai Kickboxing. Gardens and parks offer respite from the heat of rural Thailand and theater has been shown in Thailand for hundreds or even thousands of years. Theater was a source of entertainment before thailand received its name, thousands of years ago when the vast country we know as Thailand was still 'Saipan' the royal family would attend plays in their honor. Now plays are open to the general public and the characters wear brightly painted masks depicting characters being played.

Location, currency and languages

Thailand is located in southwest Asia next to Vietnam and Burma. Its longitude is 13.9202 and its latitude is 101.0168. The Thai currency is Baht. Finally, the main languages within Thailand are Thai and English.
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