Grades have been updated!

Grades are not final, but have been updated.


Your grade is not final, but has been updated in eSembler:
  • I am still currently working on grading materials that provide evidence for understanding in reading (Adele article) and culture (worksheet).
  • All other pieces of evidence have been graded and reflected in the overall grade.
  • Listening will not be reflected in the grade for this quarter as we have not focused on providing evidence for this skill. We will work on this skill in quarter 3.

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Why have you earned a particular grade?

Please review my comments by clicking on the column for each concept. I have asked questions, requested information, given advice to further your understanding, etc.

Please respond to my comments where applicable.

Next week - Last week of the quarter

Monday and Tuesday -
  • focusing on what you need to accomplish: demonstrating understanding of previously learned concepts or moving forward with new concepts.
  • Last days to take quizzes

Wednesday and Thursday -

  • working on required evidence for avoir and negation
  • working on cultural or reading tasks if you would like to demonstrate a higher level of understanding in these areas

Note - Thursday is the last day to submit electronically or add to a country project


If it is related to a particular learning goal, then please comment in Active Grade.

E-mail me for all other general or unrelated questions/concerns: