See where inequalities are used at Hershey Park

Don't just sit there....

Take out a pencil and your notebook too!

Take a moment to review from Learnzillion

Video is about 3 minutes long. Jot down 3 things from the video that you want to remember.

Start the 7 minute Fluency practice when I say Geometry

Work Period

Here is a link to the website that will take you to the information.

Closing Meeting (virtual)

Today we will end class by "virtually" discussing some questions thru the todaysmeet website. Click on the link below and enter BOTH of your names to begin. Don't worry, spelling doesn't count :)

Extension Activity

Write and graph the inequalities for up to 3 different rides at Six Flags.

Extra Practice at home

Click on the buttons below to take you to IXL practice and Learnzillion videos


Research or create 5 real world uses for inequalities. Show the inequality in graph form. What do the solutions mean? Be ready to share them on Monday.