Battle of Shiloh

By: Taylor Bowers and Sydney Flory

April 6-7, 1862


The location of the battle was at Pittsburg landing which was along the Tennessee River.
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First Day of Battle

40,000 confederate soldiers under the command of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston came out of the woods and attacked a line of union soldiers. Ulysses S. Grant was the unions commander. The confederates surrounded the union at the hornet's nest which was a battle line at the sunken road. In the first day Gen. Johnston was wounded and replaced by P.G.T Beauregard. Fighting continued until after dark.

Second Day

The federal army was reinforced and outnumbered Beauregard's army, 40,000 to less than 30,000. The Union launched an attack at 6 in the morning and Beauregard immediately ordered a counterattack. Beauregard was initially successful, but the Union stiffened and the Confederates had to fall back from the battlefield and regroup. The Confederates still decided to do a second counterattack, which stopped the Union from advancing. Beauregard realized he was outnumbered and started his retreat.



1,754 killed

8,408 wounded

2,885 missing or captured

13,047 total


1,728 killed

8,012 wounded

959 missing

10,669 total

Total casualties: about 23,000