The Olive Branch 2.26.21

What's Up At The Nest...

Principal's Message

Dear OMS families,

Is spring on its way? It certainly felt like it this week! We were thankful for a relatively quiet week here at the nest.

One topic we want to make you aware of is that as the snow melts and the ground begins to thaw we will have to close our fields during recess. When the fields are closed, the classrooms that are assigned to field zones will remain inside for indoor recess. We may utilize the west playground by Arlington Heights Road, but that will depend on recess supervision, and only two classes can be on that playground in order to maintain appropriate social distancing. Students will still be able to go outside to enjoy the fresh air with their classrooms during morning or afternoon recess. We will also encourage our teachers to take a few extra outside mask breaks on days when classes have indoor lunch recess due to field closure.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Erin and Julia

P.S. Kids must wear coats unless the temperature is above 50 degrees. Please continue to send your child to school with a coat. We never know when the temps might dip back down.

Monday, March 1st - Asynchronous Lesson

This coming Monday, March 1st, all students will have an asynchronous literacy lesson so that our teachers can participate in Data Day. This is a very important day at the nest where our teams come together (via zoom) to review the progress our students are making and what we can do to continue their growth as we finish out the school year. In the past we have secured substitute teachers in order to meet; however, with substitutes in great demand, it was decided that a remote Monday time would be better.

Please know that our teachers have put careful thought and consideration into the activities that are planned during the literacy block of time for Monday.

Summer U June 16 - July 14, 2021

What? Summer U

When? June 16th - July 14th, 2021

Where? Thomas Middle School

How? Register beginning on March 1st, at 9 am through April 30th

Please visit for a full list of courses and times. If you have any questions about Summer U, please email for assistance.

5 Essentials Survey is Now Open!

We are at 13%, we only need 7% more! Remember we need at least 20% in order to receive results.

We want to hear from you! The good, the bad, the ugly, but hopefully mostly good! Please take a few minutes this weekend to complete the 5 Essentials Survey to let us know how we are doing.

Link for parents to take the survey:

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