Panther Press

Important Message from Fr. Witold and Mrs. O'Hearn

Dear St. Margaret Mary Families,

You are officially on summer vacation and it’s time for some much-needed relaxation. Thank you for your continued support of St. Margaret Mary Catholic School. Educating your children is our privilege, and we realize the significant sacrifice that you make to invest in your child/ren’s education at St. Margaret Mary. This year we accomplished many things and forged a new path in education. Amidst a pandemic that swept the world, we were able to successfully open our doors to students and remained open for the duration of the school year. We only experienced some minor closures and did not have any identifiable community spread of COVID-19. Our teachers learned how to teach to students that were in-person and online and our students continued to learn. We were successful this year because we all worked together to keep the school moving forward and remain open - everyone did their part to help. As we begin to plan for the upcoming school year, we continue to see increased interest from the community and families looking to send their children to STMM. Our current enrollment for the 2021 - 2022 school year is 181 preschool - 8th-grade students and we continue to see our school population grow. Help us continue to spread the good word about STMM. Each year we evaluate the needs of the school and set school-wide goals. In the 2021 - 2022 school year we will be working to increase both math and reading literacy in all grade levels. Math and reading go hand-in-hand when discussing literacy. Throughout the year teachers will be participating in professional development and activities to grow students' literacy in these two areas. This will directly impact student learning and understanding in other academic areas and standardized test scores.

As we move into the next school year, it is important that our school families understand how their tuition dollars pay for their child(ren)’s education. Many times we are asked - Doesn't my tuition cover the cost of education? In short, no, your tuition does not cover the actual cost of education. The actual cost of education is over $7,700.00 per child. St. Margaret Mary Parish contributes $325,000 annually to the school to cover the deficit. This amount breaks down into about $2,500 per St. Margaret Mary Parish student. This amount covers 27% of our overall operating budget. It is important to understand that approximately 85% of our ordinary operating income (tuition, fundraising, etc.) covers salaries and benefits. The remaining covers the operating cost. It is important that everyone understands that tuition income is the largest and most important source of income for the school. The parish contribution is directly affected by the amount of money collected each Sunday. Unfortunately, after auditing contributions of our school families, it indicated that roughly half of our family are non-contributing members of St. Margaret Mary. Families that are parishioners of St. Margaret Mary Church are asked to help support the parish by contributing to Sunday collections each week. Your donations will in turn help support the school. There are other ways to support both the parish and school each year. Families can volunteer stewardship hours. This year we said goodbye to over 15 graduating families. These families have been volunteers for many years at STMM. They helped at recess, school events, and in many other ways. Now is your time to help at the school. As COVID restrictions continue to change, we will have additional opportunities for families to volunteer at the school. Stewardship opportunities can be found in the weekly Panther Press as they become available.

Although this is a break from school and a time for relaxation, remember that this is not a break from Mass on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you all on Sundays.