Kyler's astronomy project

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Phases of the moon

the moon has 8 stages and they get a chance to shin but it tacks about a month for it to go through the cycle. The moon circles around earth counter clockwise from looking from the sun, and the light shining on the moon always faces earth. When the light on the moon increases it is called waxing and when it gets smaller its called waning.


Well there are two types of tides spring tides and neap tides. During a spring tide the moon is on the opposite side of the earth then the sun, so the sun is pulling on the water and so is the moon causing there to be two low tides and two high tides. During a neap tide the moon the earth and the sun create a right angle causing the water to have slightly higher tides were the moon is because the moon is closer to the earth so it has a greater effect.


An eclipses is an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination. There are two types of eclipses lunar and solar eclipses. During a lunar eclipse the moon turns into a orange-ish color as well as fully lit. During the solar eclipse the moon is completely dark and cant be seen.


There are four seasons in a year spring, summer, autumn, and winter my favorite. You most likely already know what happens in the seasons, so let me tell you some new info. In December north america is tilted away from the sun so its not the warmest, this is winter. On the other hand in June we are tilted toward the so its warm and toasty, this is summer. In September is when it starts to cool off and and the leaves change color we are right in line with the sun so its a little chilly for most people but still really beautiful, this is Autumn. Least but not least march were we are again in line with the sun. At this time the snow melt and the flowers start to bloom and it warms up a bit, this is spring.

this was made by Kyler payne

Big thanks to Mr. McDowell for teaching me all of this and I wouldn't have able to do this without him