23.03-2.58 MYA

The Animals of the Neogene Period

There were lots of animals in the Neogene time period such as: Saber Tooth Tigers, sheep, goats, antelope, gazelles, cave bears, giant deer, and even early human life. Some of these animals are found in Tundras or Grasslands. The species did spread to places which focused on their body shape, diet, and habitat. Many animals traveled from Eurasia to North America.

The Plants during the Neogene Period

It started with forests, but soon the forests fell to grasslands. Plants started to evolve in to ones we know to this day. Kelp was created and so was other water plants. Moss also was created and is still here to this day.

Region and Landscapes during the Neogene Period

The land rose while the sea levels in oceans fell. The oceans by the South and North poles became colder due to an Ice Age. The grasslands from the Neogene Period made modern grasslands. Mountain ranges formed. In the Miocene Epoch, grasslands started to spread and is one of the largest Epoch in the Cenozoic Era. In the Pliocene, animals moved to North America. In the Pleistocene, the climate changed to colder weather and soon came Arctic Tundra.
Neogene period