10 Tech Tools 4 Teaching & Learning

FBISD Educational Technology Conference

Driving Questions:

1. What technology tools will help me reach and teach my students?

2. What technology tools will work with the technology hardware that I have?

3. How can I manage a classroom full of technology?

Edmodo: Learning 24/7

According to Wikipedia, Edmodo is a social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents. It is commonly thought of as the Facebook of schools, as called by pupils and teachers alike.
Edmodo: High Quality, Yet Practical


Edcanvas.com is a great way for you to create and structure lessons in a very visual way and its very easy! What I like most about this tool is that you can embed the canvas in Edmodo.

Infuse Learning

It's important to have tools for formative, summative, and what about creative assessments. This tech tool for assessing is innovative. Go to student.infuselearning.com Create quick draw assessment.

Practice with Infuse Learning

What does your ideal 21st century classroom look like?


If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is an interactive picture worth?


A great resource for curating, organizing and researching a topic. The QR Code on the handout links you to the livebinder with these tools and many, many more.

The 21st Century Teachers Tech Toolbox


Weebly is a great way for you and your students to create websites and publish what they are learning in class.

Top 10 Reasons You Will LOVE Weebly

  1. It's free!
  2. It's easy to use: drag and drop.
  3. It's Protected environment for your students.
  4. You can publish student work where parents can see.
  5. There is no advertising on the site.
  6. You can add multimedia content, files.
  7. Website templates look great!
  8. It has a blogging feature!
  9. You can create it from home or school since it's web-based!
  10. It's great tool for a "flipped class" model.

Poll Everywhere

Got questions? Poll Everywhere is an easy way to check for understanding.


Rudyard Kipling once said, "If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Help your students become digital storytellers of American history with Animoto.


If you have been wondering about the tool I'm presenting with today, this is it! It's called a Smore.

5 Ways You Can Use Smore in the Classroom

1. Communicate with parents!

2. Share upcoming events on various social media sites.

3. Create student portfolios.

4. Present lesson content in a fresh way!

5. Embed in Edmodo so students can access it 24/7!

Padlet: Let's collaborate!

Padlet is a great tool for collaboration! With just a few clicks students can post comments and questions as a way of reflecting on what they learned in class. Let's try it out! I've created a wall for us and I want you participate in it to see how easy it can be!

BYOD Classroom Management Video

Classroom Management and Technology

Classroom management can seem overwhelming when it comes to students using their device. I think this is one of the biggest speed bumps to teachers using technology in the classroom. Still, with a clearly communicated plan and expectations. You and your students can experience a more dynamic learning environment. Here are a few guidelines:

1. Red, Yellow, Green poster

2. Create a digital social contract

3. Arrange the classroom so it makes it easier to monitor

4. Have students place device in a designated location when not in use (shoe organizer, chalk tray, or corner of desk

5. Set time goals for the tasks

6. Mobile devices in classroom= Mobile teacher in classroom

These ideas and more can be found on this site.

Bonus: Google Storybuilder

Look at this simple cute way for students to summarize what they've learned. This would be great as an exit ticket!

Go Google: Hall and Oates

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This is just some of the tools you can use to transform learning your classroom! Feel free to reach me in any of the following ways.