Applying Higher Order Thinking

St Andrews Lutheran College Junior School

Junior School Thinking Skills Framework

Research in Schools focus:

How can implementation of a Makerspace build students’ HOTs and teachers’ self-efficacy to teach them?

The Research in Schools project team have developed a (draft) framework for use in the Junior School this year. The intention for this framework is that it will be will support the teaching of the Primary Years Programme and inquiry to meet the needs of the students.

In order to do this, it is necessary to make the teaching of Higher Order Thinking explicit.

In the first draft of this framework, the direct identification of a PYP Learner Profile or Attitude was made in order to make clear connections to the PYP Framework,

Teachers are now using adapting this framework and applying PYP understanding to the HOTS as applicable to the situation.

Examples of HOTS in practice

Additional Resources Curated to Support the Process

There are many resources developed to support the teaching of Higher Ordering Thinking Skills.

For the purpose of our research this year, we have been focusing on Bloom's Thinkng Framework in order to develop common language with staff and students.

Support Resources

ITS Blooms Thinking Framework

Jaqcui Sharp's HOTS Wiki

Curated Resources

JSSALC Critical Thinking


JSSALC Wikispaces - Critical Thinking

JSSALC ICT Wikispaces ICT Toolbox