AR Between the Wars Infographic

Daniel Jung

Post War AR

Entertainment in Arkansas

Oil Boom in Arkansas

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Oil Boom

In the early 1920's people called "wildcatters" searched throughout the U.S. for oil reserves. The first big oil discovery was by a man named Samuel T. Busey who had been near a small town inn El Dorado.

Growing Violence in Arkansas

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Ku Klux Klan

In the early 1900's when the Ku Klux Klan was growing again, they came out and said that they promoted moral standards and were patriotic, however they really promoted hatred and violence, as their numbers grew so did their confidence as they lynched, beat, and intimidated hundreds of black citizens, and foreign immigrants.

Flood of 1927

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Flood of 1927 in Arkansas

In Arkansas the flood had flooded the Delta and other parts of Arkansas. The flood flooded many counties, and some where flooded 30 feet deep. People stood on the roof of their houses, and climbed trees just waiting to be rescued.

Growing Education and Roads in Arkansas

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Schools in Arkansas were in very small building, or in one small room. Black schools received less money than white schools. Commonwealth College was one of the most unique institutes, but it failed because people believed that it was too extreme

The Great Depression

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During the Great Depression in Arkansas Families were struggling to get by because the stock market crashed. This caused

A New Deal