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First Trimester Of Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy happens after the egg and the sperm meets in the fallopian tubes for one to three months. Changes will start happening to the mother and a baby will start to slowly form. The mother's blood bolume will increase by fifty percent, also she will have a lot of cravings to eat because she will be having a baby inside, so she will need more. It will be uncomfortable for mother at first when she starts to get different feelings, because it had never happened to her. The baby transforms it self to a fully form baby. Tissue will move four different ways to form a baby, the muscle tissue creates the heart. Within six weeks the baby will be a inch long, the mother will get a bit bigger. The baby's head is massive compared to the body and in eight weeks it's know as a fetus.

Second Trimester

The second trimester happens from four to six months. The mother's hormones will make her clusmy and it will loosen the ligaments and joints. Be careful with your things you desired the most. After week seventeen you will start to gain about a pound per week. The baby will develop the liver and the fetus will make a lot of movement you will be able to feel it move around. They are less than 3 inches long, so you will get a bit bigger from the first trimester. The baby's hands develop before the feet and it will develop it's own finger prints.

Third Trimester

The third trimester is the final one from seven to nine months. The baby does more movement and the mother becomes more aware of the baby's movement. The mother can not feel stress because it will affect her and the baby. Also this is the time the mother feels better than the first two trimesters. Doesn't feel a lot of things because of her hormones. The baby has all of it's organs but it needs to mature so it can live on it's own. At this point the brain starts to create memory. After twenty six weeks the baby spends most of it's time sleeping.
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Advice to Fathers

To all the fathers that has a pregnant partner or just a new born. Help and support her through everything. When she needs you to help with something, help her and do a lot of things for her. She can not have a lot of stress because it can affect the baby and mother. Be patience with her because her hormones will change how she does things. Ask many times in what you can help with. There might be something and she doesn't want to worry you or to ask.