The future of my life

Lets find out together shall we

What might happen?

i see myself just finishing up college with a bachelors degree and i wish to do what ever benefits me and i will change jobs along the way. I hope to stay connected with my family and my friends. I see myself having fun on Youtube and working/ supporting my girlfriend using my degree (I don't know what yet). possibly recruiting just like my mom.
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I see myself following in my moms footsteps and going to Texas Tech.

and hopefully get a lot of friends and a girlfriend
Pros and Cons: Graduating College

where i plan on living

I plan on coming back here to Dallas Texas after college and living near my family with my girlfriend in at least a one story house with nice things.


In the future I will probably follow in my mom's footsteps considering she supported a family of 4 by herself (so i will follow her job).

Thank you mom

Although my mom and i may have our differences she took care of me practically by herself for so many years. Now all i can say is 'wow i need to be just like her' (call me a mamma's boy if you want but in all reality we all depend on our moms).