Comparitive poetry analysis

Gibrant hour 6


The poem Ode to enchanted light is a inspiring poem that talks about the beauty of nature this poem along with Sleeping in the Forest both talk about the beauty of nature their both inspiring and fun to read. This paper will talk about the poems and how they are and what they talk about.


The 2 poems are mainly about nature and how nature is important to the world and i think the authors of the 2 poems think the same thing, i think that the theme of the 2 poems are "nature" because they both take place in the wild forests or just in the wild. The author's style affected the first poem bye making it joyful happy it made it like if you actually where in the nature and you enjoy it. The second author's style was also happy but a little tense it made it like to be in the forest for a sleep over but you never know whats out there. So i yes both of the poems talk about the beauty of nature.