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Friday, February 5, 2021

And I quote…

Ms. Koffend (AES’ amazing school counselor) asked to meet with me regarding an idea she had around an all school SAIL-abration tied in with Global Play day (which I had never heard of). I believe she started the conversation with, and I quote, “Before you say no, just think about…” First of all, I want to be clear that most, if not all, great ideas come from the rock star staff at Amana. However, when the discussion around having a large chunk of time devoted to just kids playing, no structure, I have to admit, the principal in me thought, “wait, what?” Then Ms. Koffend shared the link for Global Play Day information, and a TED talk around the very subject (see LINK on The Decline of Play) and I had one of those moments of, “Oh my, why haven’t we been doing this all along.” Here’s a link to the full article on Global Play Day: Raising Awareness About the Necessity of Unstructured Play. I think especially now, with kids (and adults) being restricted by how many people we can interact with, need the benefits of unstructured play! Peter Gray (see TED Talk video) argues for the case that today’s kids “do not grow up playing and this has negatively impacted them in many ways. It’s time we return to gift of play to this generation.” We did take into consideration our mitigation strategies. We consulted with Nurse Kathy and the rest is history! History we plan to repeat! Ms. Colleen posted many pictures to our Facebook page. The smiles on kids (and adults) faces. Kids playing with kids without the use of technology! We played Uno, Sorry, Battleship. We had farm implements brought in (great discussion with a 5th grader regarding John Deere v. IH Farm tractors). We had an aircraft carrier brought in complete with fighter jets. Snow sculptures and sledding. AMAZING! Unstructured, 100% fun. Check out that video. Good stuff.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the day:

Mrs. Hilton: I think we started another new tradition!

Ms. Hess: If you want to get in on the super cute 5th grade play, come visit!

Mrs. Sandersfeld: Maybe it could be a monthly tradition? Since we can’t do Clipper families? My firsties had SO much fun! (many people agreed on a monthly tradition!)

Mrs. Fox: I LOVE all these pictures! It makes me happy that they are all having so much fun without using technology. I see lots of happy kids!!

Mrs. Burken: We had a blast!

Ms. Koffend: I think Global Play Day was (and will be) the perfect way to celebrate social/emotional learning!

However, my all time favorite quote comes from Wassim, in 1st grade: Wassim’s first time sledding! He said, “I could do this forever!”

And to think it started with Ms. Koffend saying, “before you say no…” Well done. It being National School Counselor week, I would be remiss not sending and extra thank you to Ms. Koffend and all her amazing work with our students, our families and our STAFF!



Ben Macumber,


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