Different Types of Motion Sensors

Are you in need of motion sensor device that senses any outdoor motions outside your house? Need not worry, get outdoor PIR motion sensor, which is the best motion sensor nowadays. It is best for security purpose of your house.

Today, motion sensors are the most common products because they are really useful in doing their functions. These are easy to find as there are many places where they can be installed. In fact, with the use of these units you could make your life easier and if they are attached to the automated doors. Besides, the installation them in your gives your residents security in the form of motion-detecting lights so you will be sure that there is a movement outside your door.

These motion sensors have varying uses. Of late, they have gained popularity in public restrooms where the soap dispensers, faucets, and toilets are automated. Use as a security device has also increased their popularity as they can be connected to bigger security systems. A motion sensor can also trigger a warning signal, such as flashing lights, an alarm, or a surveillance camera every time it identifies any movement.

Different Types of Motion Sensors

While you are going for the motion sensors, you should be first of the different types of wireless sensors. This will help you to understand, giving you an idea type of detector is the best for your use.

  • Active Infrared (IR) Sensors - This device continuously emit radiation, such as radar, light, or ultrasonic waves and senses the changes in the environment that is caused by an object passing form its front. Such types of sensors are often found in automatic doors that are used in grocery stores and malls.

  • Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors - Just like IR sensors, PIR sensor devices sense the changes taking place in its environment without emitting radiation. Instead, these devices detect the change in the temperature of the people and the objects that are within their range of supervision. They are the ones that are used mostly for security systems of homes and offices.

  • Continuous Wave Radar (CW) Sensors - CW sensors use microwave signals, instead of infrared radiation to detect the changes in the frequencies in its environments. They are more sensitive than IR and PIR sensors and are a bit more expensive than them.

  • Ultrasonic Sensors - To detect the presence of the objects, these motion sensors send out waves of sound frequency. These are older models and have been replaced by more advanced sensors.

  • Vibration Sensors - These devices work according to the principle of piezoelectric effect by French scientists Jacques and Pierre Curie, which basically means that objects generate their own electrical fields.

  • Combination Type Wireless Motion Detector - The biggest problem people had with motion sensors is the number of false alarms that usually go off because of a passing pet or a curtain blowing in the wind. Manufacturers have made up for this problem by combining active and passive infrared technologies in one model.

These dual-technology sensors emit microwave signals that continuously bounce off objects inside the room until they start to form a blueprint of the fixed objects inside the room. When the blueprint of objects changes, such as when motion takes place, the sensor then uses infrared radiation to access the temperature signature of the new objects and determine if a human intruder is present there.