Band Of Brothers

Author: Steven Ambrose ______ Page Count: 336

Why I Read This Book

I read this book originally because I was on a long plane trip and had seen the T.V series on the History Channel. The show was very good so I figured I would give the book a shot. If this was a life or death situation, I think this book would be a fantastic last read. This is because the book is inspirational and engaging, so it might be what you need to get though the life or death experience. It also is a great story that is very well written as a whole, and I think that if you could only read one more thing before you die, then this book would be as good as any to read. The connection I made to the book was through football. The band of brothers mentality carries over to football well since you cannot succeed without the whole ten working towards one goal in both football and at war.

3 Things I Love About The Book

1. I love that it is all true. The experiences and events of the book are all the more spectacular when you realize they actually happened.

2. I love the pictures in the middle. They help to tie the story together.

3. I love the time in which the book is set. I enjoy reading about WW2.

2 Things I Hate About the Book

1. I hate how it switches narrators. I don't think it is vey clear when this happens and it is confusing.

2. I hate how the book has a huge lull in it, between when the troops were shipped out to when they landed at Normandy. There is a large chunk of the book that describes their experiences in England, and I found that area of the book quite boring.

Favorite Quote

“Within Easy Company they had made the best friends they had ever had, or would ever have. They were prepared to die for each other; more important, they were prepared to kill for each other.” pg. 102

I feel that this quote symbolizes the "Band Of Brothers" mentality that set this Company apart from many others in the war. This Company was truly united and cohesive. I feel that this is why the Company also experienced so much success during the war. When an entire Company is united and set towards one goal, it is near impossible to stop.

In detail, explain what statement your book is saying about the themes of family, community, the country or people.

I feel that this book says a lot about family, community, and the country as a whole. It covers family and community easily. The soldiers were not actual family, but through their shared experiences in war and during basic training brought them together in a way that can only be described as a family. This book also has a lot to say about the country also. It speaks volumes about the country that it was able to put together the training regimen necessary to wield such a formidable fighting force. Also, if people are complaining about how there was the draft and that the soldiers are not representing the "American Dream", 100% of the soldiers in the original Easy Company were volunteers. In their personal version of the American Dream, the soldiers wanted to defend their country and show their patriotism.


I would defiantly recommend this book. This is because the book is a great inspirational tale, and it is all true! I think to really enjoy this book, however, you should have some prior interest in either the military or WW2, since the book is based solely on warfare. I also would warn against little children reading this book, since there is some profane language along with some very graphic/violent scenes.