Synthesis Project - Kristin Hodges - 1st period

Lindsay vs. Daisy

Daisy Buchanan and Lindsay Lohan both lose respect for themselves to achieve the dreams of having attention they want to receive. Lindsay Lohan has gone through drugs and careless maneuvers that brought media on top of her for all the wrong reasons, just like daisy did. Their dream of being wanted and accepted to people they love by doing whatever it takes. For example daisy ran away with Jay Gatsby because I do think she "missed" him but also she was also wanting the attention she wasn't receiving from Tom Buchanan also daisy was somewhat "powerful and In charge to where she gets to thinking she can do whatever she warts to do. Also Lindsay Lohan wanted the fame and attention and the power got to her and she did what she wanted to. Because she couldn't take it any longer destroying her career as an actress like daisy ruining her marriage. They both should have kept their heads on straight and strived for excellence and respected them selves to the point they would receive the attention they both wanted. Instead they took the easy way out. "Daisy is Furious because you haven't called up" (Fitzgerald 178) "Lindsay Lohan is constantly involved in run ins with the law, and various conflicts that have severely jeopardized her once thriving career. Whether she’s hitting a pedestrian, stealing a necklace, failing to pay hotel bills, crashing her Porsche, not fulfilling a legal requirement, or getting aDUI, we hear about it" (


Lance Armstrong, a role model, hero, powerful athlete, and a true man dissolved in what's known as a loss of self respect as he used self enhancement drugs to win and conclude his dreams of a big cycling race. Not only did using the drug not allow him to achieve his dreams of wining the race but Lance was no longer a hero, a true athlete or was a good memory for his past. He let all of it get lost just to win one race, why didn't he just work hard and not lie. He still could have made his dreams come true.

In the documentary "Inside Job" every single one of the men was caught with a fib, each man wanted to be the most successful and powerful man off of wall street. To do so they would have to lie to make them selves look better than they actually were. In the documentary it talks about how the successful men use their money to go hire a mistress or go to a overage bar, and each of the men deny the fact it is true. They do. to want to look bad or feel the shame over come on themselves. They just want to be perfect in our eyes.

With more lies and wanting to be the very best the movie "Mean Girls" couldn't fit under the category anymore then it already does. Cady, the misunderstood new girl reaches out to fit in with the girls who run the school. By doing so she has to lie, steal, cheat, and play stupid to get along with her new "friends". Cady is not being fair to her self just like Lance and the men who were interviewed in "Inside Job" Cady could have been herself and made real friends but popularity was the secret to her happiness.

Cady: [voiceover] "The weird thing about hanging out with Regina was that I could hate her, and at the same time, I still wanted her to like me."


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