Maurice Sendak


  • Born on June 10, 1928
  • Read all comic books he could get his hands on
  • Part Jewish/ Parents born in Poland
  • Parents lived in Shtelts (little town)
  • Until he was six, he got sick a lot and almost died several times.
  • One time his grandmother used a old Jewish tradition:She wrapped him in white all the way so the angel of death would think he's already an angel
  • He liked the old Mickey Mouse because he thought the newer was too cuddly and nice.
  • Thought of Mozart almost as a God
  • At his barmitzvah, he learned that his fathers entire village had been destroyed by Nazis
  • Disney's "Fantasia" Inspired him to be an illustrator
  • Brother joined army for World War ll
  • Passed science and got one hundred dollars just for illustrating science teachers book''Atomics for the Millions''
  • He was gay
  • Married to Eugene Glynn
  • Got dog and named her Jennie
  • Died May 8, 2012
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Maurice Sendak was a great man born on June 10, 1928.He won many Caldecott medals for his amazing work.


was Maurice's first dog


Maurice got Io about a year after Jennie died
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