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Achieving great wellness in 2014

Lancaster January Wellness Seminar

Random Acts of Kindness caught on film

The most important steps to wellness begin...

Today, a new day begins where choices are made that can alter the course of one's life. At Natural Alliance, 2014 marks our 20th year of business, sharing the good news about how to live life well in a toxic world, and as importantly, how to help others with choices to improve their lives.

In the coming months, new information will be shared about what steps are important and potentially crucial for you to consider to get well, stay well and help others to do the same. One of our favorite teachers, Erwin McManus, says it this way, 'it begins here and it begins with us.'

Join us for this month's wellness seminar to learn about oral health and how it truly is the gateway to detecting wellness in your body and the importance of how your thoughts frame your point of view as you body responds.

One of the most precious thoughts we hold true is knowing...people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Enjoy the video as it reminds us all how important random acts of kindness are in our lives.

Natural Alliance Wellness Seminar

Tuesday, Jan. 28th, 6-8:30pm

Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster 17603 | 717.392.4911

The wellness seminars are always FREE!

A healthy mouth without mercury

Perhaps you've heard or even investigated what it means to have mercury or silver filings in your mouth? What the impact on your health may be and what your options are. Dr. Carol Layton, DMD, MAGD, LLSR, CTN, AIAOMT, who has practiced dentistry for 36 plus years, will share her vast knowledge as a biological dentist and how mercury affects the body. Bring your questions and be ready to learn. To find out more about Carol and her work visit: Carol Layton

How to have your best year ever

Our thoughts do more than guide us to do what needs to be done throughout the day, they actually influence how our body feels, determine our attitudes and the choices we make. Learn five fundamentals to support you in having 2014 be your best year ever! Learn time-tested ways on how your thoughts bring you closer to your life's dreams, desires and lifework. Natural Alliance co-founder Patrick Kirkham will share how your thoughts can determine your future. To learn more about Patrick Kirkham visit: Patrick Kirkham

Meeting Details

6:00 pm -- 6:30 pm Shop with our vendors
6:30 pm -- 7:15 pm Patrick Kirkham Natural Alliance
7:15 pm -- 7:45 pm Shop with our vendors
7:45 pm -- 8:30 pm Carol Layton, DMD Hershey Dental

Help us, help others

Here's how you can help. Bring two cans of healthy, non-perishable food to donate to our local food bank to help others in need. Your support will help us, help others to pay it forward in our local community.

About Natural Alliance

Creators of the Natural Alliance Wellness Seminars, for the past 19 years, Patrick and Lori Kirkham's passion has been helping others make informed choices on their wellness journey. By connecting healthcare practitioners, businesses, organizations, and research with those they serve, they advocate that knowledge can become your strongest advocate to wellness.