BY: Roman Malyj

??What is it??

Neurofibrosis, also known as Von Recklinghauser disease, is a genetically inherited disease that affects people's nervous system. It causes raised bumps to form on the skin. Underneath the bumps are tumors. So basically you are covered with baggy tumors from head to toe. :(

How does it affect genetics?

Neurofibromatosis is a dominant trait. Only one copy of a gene is needed for the disorder to develop. If a parent has it the kids have a 50% chance of getting it. But you might get lucky, there are different severity's of this disease. It is inherited and it is a mutation to a gene.

How do you know if you have it?

The biggest and most obvious way you know you have it is the gross bumps you get everywhere on your body. Or one big bump like this poor gentleman above has. Another way is epileptic symptoms are common before you start getting more severe symptoms Parents can get tested by taking sperm and egg samples. After testing the diagnosis is pretty simple. Either you have it or you don't Its not to hard to mistake. One good thing though, most of the time they are not life threatening.


There is no treatment for this mutation. There are temporary relief treatments though. You can get the tumors removed. They only remove the biggest tumors though. Just because the surgery is so dangerous Its dangerous because the lumps/ tumors grow on nerve endings. So if they damage nerve endings you could lose feeling in that area. But most people chose to get the biggest ones removed so they can live a normally life again.

Impact on the individualls life

Obviously if the tumors are huge the affect is huge. But usually the tumors are small so the impact isn't allot. Most people with Neurofibrmatosis can live a normally life with only one or two surgeries. But some don't get so lucky and have many big tumors and dozens of surgeries. This is a pretty rare mutation so don't be alarmed you probably don't have it. There arnt any support groups other than God that i can find for this mutation.

My thoughts

Personally i think this a crazy mutation I wouldn't wish it on any body. But i think the people that have it have to have their spirits lifted and for "regular" people to encourage them.
These people need encouragement. I think these song go really with these mutations. The songs name is unity. If you have something like this you need a tight knit group to help you live and keep pushing. And also for the people that do have it. You need to go out and look for someone to help you. Because someone out there is looking for someone to help. and you might just be that person......
Shinedown - Unity [Official Music Video]