Hindu Foods

Rituals and Traditions

"The Kitchen Religion"

Food is a huge part of the Hindu Religion. This religion is often called the "kitchen religion" due to the fact that food plays such a big part of their culture

No Meat!

Meat is usually shunned by most Hindus and almost all of them avoid meat. Beef is especially looked down upon and not eaten in respect for the cow. Meat is also seen as tamasic (influenced by darkness) This is another reason it is looked down upon. Duck and crab are forbidden in some areas, but not others. Alcohol, garlic, onions, and red colored foods are prohibited as well. Due to the fact that there is not a lot of meat eaten, the Hindu cuisine is mostly vegetarian and consists of a lot of milk products. Strong spices are also very common.

Other popular Dishes

Indian food is very popular throughout the Hindu Culture. Rice is a huge part of every meal and forms the base of every meal. Rice is typically served with a thin soup called rasam and curried vegetables. Coconut is also used in many different dishes. Nargisi Koftas which are meatballs are also very common, along with biryani(layered rice and meat dish). Along with rice, unleavened bread is also served with most meals. For dessert, rice pudding is the most common due to the surplus of rice in the Hindu diet.

Rituals and Traditions

The Hindus have some very unique traditions they follow. Their main meal is served at lunchtime. The prasada which is the food offered to god is a huge part of their culture. It is seen as showing great religious merit--purifying the mind, body, and spirit. The prasada is very sacred and is offered at the altar to those worshipping. The hindus also celebrate a child's first solid food. This event is celebrated as a samaskara and is a big deal. Other rituals the hindus have is they clean the place where the food will be served, before eating, they also sprinkle water around the food, and make an offering of the food.


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