Cirque du Soleil

the best circus


-The Cirque du Soleil begins in 1982

-A group of young fire eaters, jugglers, and still walkers banded together in Quebec

-2 Years later, it was born with the financial assistance of the Quebec government


-It brings dramatic mix of the circus arts, street entertainment, magical lighting and original music, animals, clowns and aerobatics

-It combines innovative activities with circus art, theatre and ballet. With the collaboration of business partners.


-The Circus has competitors but the Cirque du Soleil is lucky because no one has been able to copy the kind of show and with same level than the Cirque du Soleil is.

Details of the company

-It has almost 4000 employees from 40 different countries.

-The Circus has been in over 200 different cities all over the world.

-It now runs 6 touring shows and 9 resident shows globally.

-They also gather their sales of close to $1 billion from audios, videos, books and licensing agreements.

-Cirque du Soleil’s unusual programs demand unique sets and equipment; it has to be creative and innovative.

-Everything is customized and handmade for each individual performer.

-It takes 8 days to set up the Cirque’s self-sufficient village and 3 days to dismantle it.