Johnson Updates

Week of April 11, 2016

Upcoming Dates

Remember to check the Johnson calendar for all upcoming events, dates, times, etc. Below are a few highlights for the upcoming week.

Monday - SIP Meeting at 3:15 PM in LRC

Wednesday - New Educator Meeting at 3:15 PM in Room 406

Thursday - Softball Game vs. O'Donnell at 3:30 PM

Changes re: Morning Meetings, Committees & Planning Periods

Due to the ratification of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are some changes regarding morning meetings, committees and planning periods that need to go into effect immediately.

Summary of language from section 9.2.E:

  1. Elementary morning time consists of two scheduled PLC’s and/or MTSS meetings 2 weeks a month and one scheduled PLC and/or MTSS meeting 2 weeks a month when faculty meetings are scheduled.
  2. MTSS are meetings related to student educational programming – i.e. PST or SpEd.
  3. All committees, including PBIS, SIP, BLT, etc., are scheduled beyond the workday.
  4. Any member of the certified bargaining unit who does not have 6 scheduled plan/prep periods may be exempted from 4 PLC’s/MTSS meetings a month. 4 PLC’s are the equivalent of the missed weekly additional plan.


  1. A revised schedule of meetings will be attached to this message that reflects the six required meetings per month.
  2. All committees must schedule time to meet outside of contractual hours. While these are not required, it is essential that these teams continue meeting so we can provide the necessary academic, emotional, social and behavioral support for our students. Future meeting dates and times will be coordinated with team leaders.
  3. All elementary teachers now receive six planing periods. Classroom teachers in grades 1-5 will have a portion of their art class dedicated for planning. Non classroom personnel will need to revise their respective schedules and add an additional plan period. In the event that six planning periods cannot be scheduled, teachers have the option be exempt from 4 PLC/MTSS meetings per month. See point #4 above.
  4. An Excel document will be shared with classroom teachers in grades 1-5 so we can finalize the additional planning period that has been granted during art.

Zones of Regulation

Below is a link to an alternative way to view student behavior / classroom management systems. Please read the overview and explore some of the other links on the site as this is something we will discuss in greater detail moving forward.