Private Peaceful

By Sophia Poplyk

Hope is always watching you

"It's a wonderful watch, this. Never stopped, not once."
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Private Peaceful

By Michael Morpurgo

Historical Fiction

This wristwatch has helped 3 soldiers grasp onto hope in the middle of the battle fields, where there is little belief of being saved. Going into battle with hope is very important, it makes you fight for something and want to stay alive. This watch, restores hope wherever it goes. It is a heirloom, that has been passed down, each time filling people with new spirits, and the fight of the previous owners. The slogan ''hope is always watching you,'' means hope is always there, whenever you are wearing the watch. Also it is a great watch, it has never stopped ticking. The second owner of the watch Charlie Peaceful says,"It's a wonderful watch, this. Never stopped, not once," as he gives it to his beloved younger brother Thomas Peaceful. This shows that you can trust the watch, even when you can’t trust anyone. This watch has been valued by many, and it has provided hope to those in need.