Travel Brochure To Mesopotamia

By Brayden Thomas and Chase Temple


Sumer is in the southern part of mesopotamia.Their leader was gilgamesh.They invented the wheel.They were conquered by the Akkadians.The summerians were called the black headed people.


The Akkadians conquered the land.They came from Northern Mesopotamia.Their king is king Sargon.They have cool ancient temples.There is the hummurabi's code on the walls.


Their king was nebuchadnezzar.They have a lot of temples and walls with ancient writing on it.Their in the Middle east of mesopotamia.They have awesome artifacts.They still have some villages over there.


Their king was Sennecherib.They have good artifacts.It is a really big empire with lots of people with different luangages.They have awesome temples.And ancient writing.

neo babylonian

Their king was Nebuchadnezzar the 2.It was a huge empire.With lots of ancient artifacts and ancient temples.With lots of people.They were a really popular empire.