Genius Hour Project

All Of My Research

Reasons This Should Happen

1. We would have advanced learning(some books are outdated)

2. Better wifi to handle all of the computers at once without lag

3. Real food, not moldy cheese, and burnt pizza

4.Better and faster busses

School Food

Rodents have been found in school food before but with these new and improved schools we wouldn't have that problem because we would have top notch food and cooks none of that disgusting stuff like moldy cheese, stale bread, and out of date food

Better Bus Drivers

A lot of our bus drivers are around the age of 40-70. Their reflexes aren't as good so they could easily get into a car crash, and some have bad hearts and can't handle the stress of 15-100 kids on one bus. In my genius hour project they would be people in late 20’s through mid 30’s, or advanced drivers

Better Supplies

In the gym we have torn up dodge balls and basketballs but in this project we would have multiple of everything and count all of them daily to make sure that they are there. In class we have messed up desk and chairs with broken legs but with the project the materials would be stronger so kids couldn't break them or so they wouldn't wear out

Better Security

Some kids have brought in horrible things to school like drugs, weapons, alcohol, and cigarettes but we would have x-rays to see what kids have on them metal detectors and random locker searches for drugs. We would also get professional guards for the school


Some of our computers are outdated and everything is mainly done with technology but if we have old and slow tech we can't do anything. With the new school we will have all upgraded computers(probably Alienware)and great wifi

Where It Would Be Located

It would be located in either Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Kansas City, Nashville, Provo, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, or San Antonio. It would be located in these places because those are the only places that have google fiber right now but they are trying to expand(google fiber is the fastest internet right now)google fiber downloads 1000 megabytes a second

The Cost

1.To get around 120 Alienware desktops it would close to $90000, which is alot but would be worth it

2. To get 10ft slides for room to room would cost around $12000

3. It would cost around $27000000 to build the school

4. We would pay most teachers around $70000 depending on what they teach


It would be a public school, but you can't have been in any fights or have a criminal background.

No uniforms the students can wear whatever they want(as long as it’s appropriate).

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