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September 19-23

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Upcoming Events

DRA Window September 19- September 30


  • Number Talks Professional Learning - remember to sign up in Google
  • Emily Helphinstine visits literacy blocks

  • DRA Professional Learning after school
  • 3rd Grade ELA Collaborative Planning-district wide


  • 7 Habits Training


  • 7 Habits Training


  • Health Screenings for K, 2, 4

Remember to check the Jackson Calendar on One Drive for the full calendar!

Thoughts . . .

I have heard so many positive comments from our parent-teacher conferences this week. Many of you are trying student led conferences and have experienced great success. I have shared a few pictures below!

Our communication with our families is a key element of our work.Showing parents that we are one team and fully invested in their child builds strong relationships. Our focus on positive communication with families is necessary for maintaining these relationships.

I personally received a positive email today regarding one of my children. This teacher shared the positive strengths that Lily is exhibiting at school. I immediately stopped and smiled and felt re-assured that her teachers truly care about her and her individual success at Sevier. I know this is extra time out of your day, but the lasting impact is tremendous.

Things to Remember

  • Have you met our new custodian? Logan replaced Linda in her retirement. He has been with us for around a week and is doing a great job:)
  • Ms. Hodge is our new IA in Ms. Breedlove's classroom. When you get a moment, stop and introduce yourself:)
  • Make positive phone calls/emails/letters/etc. with each family each nine weeks!
  • Teresa will meet with Tier 3 RTI teachers to discuss progress monitoring and attendance.
  • The Edulastic Training video is attached - this is an online assessment for grades 3-5. Please see Matt if you have any questions!


A Note from your InDe…

What a collaborative week it has been at Jackson! I have especially enjoyed meeting with individual teachers and grade level teams this week because the conversations surrounding curriculum and instruction are deepening.

During our faculty meeting yesterday, we defined math fluency as the efficient, flexible, accurate, and appropriate application of calculation. We discovered there are three developmental phases students must progress through as they develop mastery with a particular group of facts:

1. Modeling and/or counting all OR counting on

2. Using reasoning strategies based on known facts

3. Mastery or efficient production of the answer (“I just knew it”)

We also looked at the revised standards that will take effect in 2017. Your grade level teams began working on identifying goals for each nine weeks to help students work toward mastery at each grade level. We noticed that we need to continue our work in this area to focus on assessing these nine week benchmark goals and how to track student progress for our data notebooks.

For now, share with Dr. Turner and me your grade level team’s nine week proficiency goals working up to the end of the year proficiency standards.

Need some ideas on how to help students progress through the fluency stages? Number Talks used as a daily routine can help! If you are not currently using Number Talks or you want more information to better your practice, I invite you to attend the Number Talks session that will be held at ASC in the Tennessee Room on Monday, September 19 from 3:45-5:00 led by Ashley Carter and Theresa Feliu. Register here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16hcDkrlXI_0hvAj_OJfH73ppZQ55LXxYte9opKHQxsE

LEADS in Morning Choice

Dear Jackson Family,

L.E.A.D.S. would like to thank you and your class for all of the school supply donations you have collected! The students in Livingston Parish, Louisiana will so appreciate your efforts and the wonderful leadership you and your students have shown! We will continue to collect supplies through September, so keep spreading the word!

L.E.A.D.S. would also love to be of service to YOU! If you have a need for students to help you in the mornings from 7:40-8:05 please let me know. Next week 4th and 5th grade students will be in L.E.A.D.S. and 1st-3rd will serve the week after. This rotation will continue and I have MANY very responsible leaders in each grade level. We also welcome any service project ideas you may have. :)

Happy Birthday!

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