5 themes of Geography

By: Audrey Price


This map of texas shows that austin is in the south east part of Texas. Saying where it is exactly is an example of absolute location. Relative location is a comparison of other places or landmarks. Austin is north of San Antonio and northwest of Houston.


Lake Travis is a lake that is in Austin. People in Austin go on the lake all the time. They go on the lake to do all kinds of things like swimming, tubing, boating, water skiing to all kinds of water activites. Austin with out its lakes wouldnt be the same.


Austin is the music capital of the world. People from all over the world to Austin for our music and our fesitvals. This applies to movement because people from everywhere make their way to Austin just to listen to our music and bring all kinds of races and new people to Austin.

Human Enviornment Interaction

This dam seperates Lake Travis and Lake Austin. Lake travis is a lake that is experiencing a drought right now. The way Travis County had adapted to the drought is by cutting down on the amount of water we use majorly. We only water our grass once a week and dont use as much water as we used too.


Travis county is a lot like the conties that border it because Travis county and the places that surrond it are also in the Hill country. Places around us are hilly just like we are so everything around us is pretty much the same kind of landscape.