Curriculum Council

Thursday, March 26th

Walk & Talk

For Each Index:

1. Main Idea

2. Implications for my District based on current status/projected changes.

3. Reflection Index specific

4. Next steps for this index


Share your thoughts with the group!

He who dies with the biggest data notebook does not win...He who has a staff that can use the data wins!

Burning Questions/Needs


Hot Topics:

- Senate Bill 6 - A-F


Final Review Quicktips

  1. Recommended to pick 6 K & S in the 40th-60th percentiles for final review! DO NOT pick the lowest ones! Pick ones closer/closest to passing then work your way down as kids show mastery.
  2. 2nd-HS released test (MATH is ALIGNED TO THE NEW STANDARDS) - GREAT free resource!
  3. Know the standard forwards and backwards. Need clarification, use the TEKS Resource System Clarification Document. Multiple Examples provided by content/grade.
  4. A dropbox link to multiple instructional strategies you could implement. Remember, there is no perfect activity, our goal is kids interacting with content and the link provides a few activity ideas you may be able to incorporate!

Mark Your Calendars:

Accountability 2015 and Beyond! – June 19th – update on the final accountability release by the Commissioner.

Index Accountability 101 – June 5th

This training is designed for leaders to gain a fundamental understanding of the Index Accountability System. We will take a comprehensive look at the system as well as instructional implications.

Leverage Leadership: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools! – June 2nd

We have posted a book study for June 2nd on the Leverage Leadership book that we used at Instructional Leaders. Bring your books and come learn with us.

Data Day: Tools For Your School – June 15th

Come as ESC staff show leaders how to lead a Data Day for their staff before school starts in August!

Skillful Leadership: Confronting Mediocrity in the Classroom – June 29th AM

Linking Accountability and Instruction: Practical Strategies – June 29th PM