Walsh's Pyramid


Where is the Pyramid Located?

Walsh’s pyramid is located in Cairns, the farming town of Gordonvale, Australia.

What shape is this Pyramid you ask?

This amazing landmark, Walsh's Pyramid, is a square based pyramid.

Man Made, or Natural???

Even though people say that Walsh’s pyramid looks like it is a man-made pyramid and covered in trees, it is actually a pyramid that has been formed by nature.

Cultral Features -

Walsh’s pyramid it was named after William Henry Walsh. William Henry Walsh is the Queensland minister of Works. Every year in August there is race called ‘the Great Pyramid Race’. Many runners take on a course that is 12km long! Most people take 5 or 6 hours but some people take only 1 and ½ hours to complete the course. It is also a very tall pyramid that reaches 922m tall.