25 Book Challenge Year-End Party

Pizza, Prizes & More!

$25 Gift Cards

Have you logged 25 books or more? Then you are eligible to receive a $25 gift card! Just submit your completed log to Mrs. Herrmann by Friday, May 23, and be sure to sign up for the party, too.

DIdn't quite finish 25 books? Don't worry! Everyone who logged at least 10 books is welcome at the final celebration and encouraged to participate in the summer book swap (see details below).

Celebrate, Share & Swap

When & Where
Thursday, May 29, at 2:10 pm in the ORRJHS Library

Join fellow reading enthusiasts as we enjoy refreshments and share what we've read and can recommend.

Bring Some Books to Swap
If you'd like to participate in our book swap, just bring a book or two that you've enjoyed and that you think will appeal to others your age. Leave with one or more books to start your summer reading!