POHW Before & After Poster


Hollis's outlook on life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely and after running away from several foster homes. In the end she is happy to be a part of the Reagan family.

pg 1 "she was the one who marked in the X, spoiling my picture"

Hollis finding out Steven is at the summer house

Hollis slowly putting together the pieces that Steven is also there in the summer house.

pg 127 "Found Stevens sweater on the knob"

Hollis having a problem trusting people

Hollis does not trust people because her parents abandoned her but in the end she starts to trust people more.

pg 48 "No blanket. On a corner. Somewhere."

Becomes a nicer person

In the beginning Hollis trys to act mean and tough but in the end Hollis becomes is nicer when she gets her family back.

pg 155 "And then we were laughing, both of us, Laughing instead of crying"

Finding out Mr. Reagan does not hate Steven because she is there

Hollis thinks the old man hates Steven because Hollis is there but in the end Steven told her we always fight

pg 157 "Its just the way we are"

Hollis becoming best friends with Josie

Hollis becomes such good friends with Josie that she will even go to school so that she can stay with Josie

pg 25 "I thought maybe I'd stay for a while"

Hollis Maturing

In the beginning Hollis is always trying to be to mean and tough but in the end she starts to get more calm and ore chill

pg 72 " {Mustard lady}How was school?

{Hollis} burned down"