Back to School FAQs

Welcome to Evans

Important dates for back to school

  • July 26th - Teachers' First Day Back
  • July 31st - Evans Open House, 5-7pm
  • August 1st - Kindergarteners' First Day
  • August 2nd - 1st-5th Graders' First Day

What time does school start?

  • Breakfast is served at 8:05 am. Those that are not eating breakfast can go to their classrooms at 8:05 am.
  • Kindergarten is dismissed at 3:20 pm and must be picked up from their teachers. 1st-5th grades are dismissed at 3:30pm.

When will we meet the teacher?

You'll receive communication from your teacher via email or phone before the school year begins. We'll have an Open House/Back to school night on July 31st from 5-7pm so that families can get to know teachers and learn classroom procedures and expectations.

What will the first day process be?

Families can drop their students off at the front doors where we will have some of our amazing staff members there to welcome them and lead them to their classrooms if needed.

We prefer to not have parents walk their students to their classrooms at this time due to heavy hallway traffic.

Is there a school supply list?

Families pay a fee for school supplies that we provide throughout the year. The fee is $40 per student this year. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will have a free/reduced rate.