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October 2020

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One and Done: Have You Made Your One Time Fundraiser Donation to the DMMS PTA?

This money funds field trips, enrichment activities such as Geography Bee and Spelling Bee, skating in physical education class, bus transportation, lunch time sports equipment and GaGa Pits. Our GaGa Pits were damaged in last summer's storm and they desperately need to be replaced and repaired. YOUR students LOVE this activity! Please help us bring it back to DMMS. See the PTA message for details on how to donate. Thank you.

SAVE THE DATE: Fall Conferences 11/19 and 11/23

SBL: Accessing Standards Based Learning Feedback in Infinite Campus (IC)

To provide more context about a student’s proficiency score in Infinite Campus, teachers are providing feedback in several ways.

  1. Teachers are using the comment icon next to the proficiency score to provide feedback. This video provides an overview for navigating the student’s grade book in Infinite Campus.

  2. Teachers are using the content section within the assessment to provide feedback.

  3. Teachers are using the rubric evaluation tool, to provide more specific feedback on the student’s proficiency as it relates to the standard. This video shows how to access the rubric in Infinite Campus

To view specific practice assignments and assessments, ask your child to show you their online content Google Classroom materials.

Is It True a Student Does Not Have to Complete Practice Work?

What is practice work?

Practice is assigned to a student to support their growth in mastering a state standard. A teacher will provide feedback on the practice work to support a student's mastery of the state standard. Based on the feedback, teachers will provide enrichment opportunities to enhance their learning. Practice work is IMPORTANT and needs to be completed by the student. This work is preparing them for the final assessment of the state standards. If students do not practice, their rate of success on a standard will diminish. An easy way to think of practice work is to compare it to training for a sport. Athletes practice and refine their skills so they may perform at their highest level. They show up for practice even if no one is keeping score, because the goal is to win big during the game. This is the same for student learning. Students are expected to practice their skills to prepare them for the final assessment of the state standard.Though the practice work is not assigned a score, the feedback provided is critical to help them meet the standards. Remember, we are working to master learning and not a percentage!

SBL: Standards Based Learning Family Academy Presentation

If you missed the Family Academy Standards Based Learning presentation, please feel free to take a look! Great information to help you understand the ins and outs of SBL.

Distance Learning Resources to Support at Home Learning:

MAPS has provided resources centered around Student Emotional Support, Academic Support, Technology, At Home Structure and Routine and Who in the District to Contact if you have a question. Check it out!

Parenting Student Use in Google Hangouts:

Parents, Google Chats/Hangouts are a wonderful and powerful tool that allows students to collaborate and meet with teachers face to face. That said, school-sanctioned chats occur during normal school hours 7:45 a.m. - 3:35 p.m and always have a staff member present. Student Chromebooks do not have the capability to initiate Google Chats/Hangouts, however we have had some instances in which students have copied chat codes/logins and used them outside of school hours for social rather than educational purposes. Though we understand students want to connect socially online, we ask that you please help us monitor the use of the Chat/Hangout feature in order to assure student safety online, and the continued ability to use this feature to collaborate. If you notice or are aware of your student engaging in a Google Chat/Hangout outside of normal school hours, please remind them that this is not an acceptable use of their educational device. Students that are using Chats/Hangouts outside of school hours and unsupervised by a teacher will face disciplinary action at school.

MSAS: Keeping Students Active and Engaged:

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School Resource Officer Discussion:

Please join us for a discussion around School Resource Officers in MAPS schools.

Where: West Auditorium

When: November 5th, 5:30pm-7pm.

Who: This event is for parents, students and community members in the West attendance area of West High School and DMMS.

Capacity Limit: Do to COVID this event is limited to the first 100 guests. Please registration is on the district website

News from DMMS Cafeteria:

Congratulations to our cafeteria staff who received a perfect score on their most recent health inspection! This diligent team works hard each and every day to provide healthy, tasty meals to our students and staff, and we can't thank them enough. Pictured above are: Marion, Sahar, Darlene, Lori, and director, Sara Pfarr.
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