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For the low price of $33.00 you will be hiring me, Patrick Williams, founder of and to do your marketing. I am one of the most talented, hard working, creative minded, dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs you will ever meet, this is my life. I am an Official Genius, literally, I am sponsored by Official Genius and take it very seriously. I use my brain to do things in a smart way that is effective and innovative. Not only that, but I will do what it takes to get the word out about your movement as if it was my own. I have connections and contacts to make things happen. I ask you now, what did you spend your last $33.00 on? This is better then a half tank of gas and will get you much further. Hire me!


Why such a low price? I consider my pricing to be a win-win situation, making it easy for you to profit from my marketing and repeat or move on to a bigger marketing campaign. $33.00 is enough to get me some starbucks and stash away the rest for the production studio that I want to open. So, look at this as a small way to help your own business and mine, today and tomorrow.


First, I will consult you on what results you want from the marketing I do and who your ideal client is so I have a better idea of what is needed. I will then invite 2,700 people to your Facebook and get at least 3 popular people to share your link. I will give you a shout out on instagram to 5,500 people telling them to check your business out and I will post your advertisement on for life. I will also get 3 popular people on instagram to post for you, they each have followings of over 10K. I then will Tweet your link to 400 followers who are mostly established businesses, telling them to reTweet your link and follow you. I will post a positive review and article written by me about you on either yelp, google plus, or facebook. I will give you recognition in my weekly newsletter sent to 1,000 dedicated subscribers. Outside of these things, I will do my best to bring you the results you want. All this for only $33.00.

Who Am I?

I am the founder of Legit & Company, and I have organically created a viral marketing group that will help you gain exposure. You maybe a start up company, a small business, an entrepreneur, artist, model, band member, entertainer, or clothing company, it does not matter. I just want to see people doing well. I started from scratch and enjoy helping those who just need an extra push.

I have 9 years experience in graphic design and custom apparel. I own an event merchandising company, and I have connections with video producers, sound engineers, models, event planners, and photographers. I have app developers on my team, and are always looking to work with new talent. This is a huge advantage for you because my team becomes your team.

I work with several venues through out the world, including Brooklyn Bowl, Surrender Nightclub, and Encore Hotel. I have been published by Las Vegas Weekly and some of my articles on Viral Marketing on Facebook have been posted on which receives several thousand visits per day.

I see myself as a future Billionaire, with infinite resources and wealth. It is only with a vast network helping each other that anything of this nature is achievable.

Pay it forward.

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