Learning Logs

Literacy Strategy #23

learning logs emphasize using writing as a tool!

What are Learning Logs?

- notebooks or booklets of paper in which students record information as part of thematic units

What do students write in learning logs?

why use this strategy?

  • EXPLORE ideas
  • PRACTICE using new vocabulary
  • PERSONALIZE their learning

how to use this strategy!

1. PREPARE learning logs - use a combination of lined and unlined paper that's stapled into booklets with laminated covers

2. USE learning logs - students take notes, draw diagrams, list vocabulary words, and write summaries

3. MONITOR students' entries - teachers read the learning logs, answer their questions, and clarify any misunderstandings

4. WRITE reflections - students write a reflection, at the end of the thematic unit, about what they have learned

when to use this strategy?

  • during thematic units to make notes and respond to information they are learning
  • take notes while reading nonfiction books and chapters in textbooks
  • create data charts, maps, time lines, and other diagrams
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Learning logs support standards for reading: informational text and writing

- comprehend grade-appropriate informational texts

- gather information from print and digital sources

- identify key ideas and details, make connections among ideas, and analyze viewpoints