Galaxy shoes

Galaxy Shoes

Do you need someone who specializes in shoes? We have the new and improved shoes at Galaxy Shoes. To begin Galaxy Shoes has any type of shoe that you want. They come in any size, shape, and color. Further more the shoes we have here are great quality. we don't want you to wast your money on over priced, terrible shoes. In addition our store has fantastic deals. For instance, if you buy Converse or Jordans we will give you 25% off a pair of kids shoes. Finally, we can repair your favorite old pair of shoes. Don't throw them away when they can be glued or stitched back together. Galaxy shoes are out of this world!

so come on done to Galaxy Shoe.

Galaxy Shoe open:


3:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Monday- Tuesday closed

* Disclaimer: this was just for a school project