Religion strikes again!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, We're Gonna Start a Fight!

In Germany, the Peace of Augsburg (1555) had allowed for a truce between Lutherans and Roman Catholics. However, this truce didn't include other Protestant branches, namely Calvinism. They wanted their beliefs to be respected and recognized by the Holy Roman Empire, so they got a little ticked off. And to top it off, Roman Catholic officials began to take down citizen-built Protestant chapels in Bohemia (which completely neglected the religious freedom set down in the Letter of Majesty of Emperor Rudolf II). So they got a group of Protestants at Prague, where they try and find guilty the imperial regents, William Slavata and Jaroslav Martinic. They threw them (along with their secretary) from a window of the council room of Hradčany. This event was called the Defenestration of Prague (1618). The men weren't seriously hurt, but this marked the start of the 30 Years War.

Major Events


So to put it into simple terms, the war started with Calvinists and other Protestants getting frustrated for not being equally recognized by the Holy Roman Empire, so they led the Defenestration of Prague. Ferdinand II was elected head of the Holy Roman Empire, and he was pro-catholic. So he began to try and get rid of Protestantism in The Hapsburg lands. He invaded Bohemia, and as then rebelled by the Danish. He subdued the Danish, but Bohemian rebels kicked him out of Denmark and elected Frederick V the new Danish King. The Danish then left the war scene and no longer fought. The other Protestant countries are alarmed by the Catholic victories, however, and start to ally with each other, notably France and Sweden. France thus joined the war through this. The war raging hard on, but after the death of Adolphus (who was the current Protestant leader), The Treaty of Prague was issued, and Sweden left the war as well. The French ignored the treaty and plotted against the Hapsburgs, and against Spain. They planned to take control of Alsace from the Holy Roman Empire. eventually, Ferdinand died and his son took his place. Peace negations eventually took place and the war ended in 1648 (though France and Spain continued to fight until 1659).

The 30 Years War lasted from 1618-1648