News from Mrs. C's Room

March 3rd-7th

Tidbits From the Teacher

We had a guest speaker the morning of our field trip. Andrew is a high school student who came and talked to us about how it feels to have autism. He was very interesting to listen to and our kids learned a lot from him.

Our field trip was so informative and interesting! Thank you to all parent chaperones who helped lead a group of explorers through the two playgrounds. We had a great discussion on Friday about the likenesses and differences between the two spaces. We have much to do this week before spring break sets in!!

Things to Do/Remember:

1. The only homework is Xtramath work (at least 3 times this week).

2. Cookout forms are due. We're eating outside at lunch on Friday!

3. KLRU is hosting a writing contest! Check it out here.

Class Wish List

Thank you for the glue sticks! We have a few more that should last us until the end of March (fingers crossed)!

-Any Books (picture or chapter) that you are no longer reading at home would make great additions to our class library

Dates to Remember

March 5th: Kindergarten Round-Up

March 7th: Cook Out at Sommer

March 8-16th: Spring Break

March 19th: Early Release

April 18th: We have School (Good Friday). *Let me know if you will be absent.

What We'll Be Learning...

PBL: How can we plan and design improvements to our existing playground in order to meet the abilities of all students?

This week students will be having two guest speakers. One speaker is our adaptive PE teacher, Mr. John. He will explain how he helps students work on gross motor skills then we'll also enjoy the company of a student from one of our RRISD high schools that has a vision impairment. She's going to talk to everyone about her experiences with playgrounds when she was younger. I am reading aloud a book called Out of My Mind. It's about a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy. She can't walk or talk and the experiences she shares with the audience are quite powerful. The responses to each chapter are insightful.

Math: We are fully integrating math into our PBL project for the next two weeks. Students will be using practical math skills while creating orders and totaling the cost of items requested. They will be working on studying the area of the playground where they would like to put a particular station and deciding how much money should be spent on each area (the same amount or different amounts based upon kids that will use the area). They will also be looking at economical producers and consumers and solving multiple step problems based on real world experiences.

Reading: This week we are focusing on sequencing and retelling. Readers will be able to describe the order of events in a text, and follow multi-step directions using time order words.

Writing: Students will continue with procedural writing, and following writing prompts throughout our PBL learnings.

Social Studies: Our learning will be incorporated through our PBL unit of study for the next four weeks. Students will be determining wants and needs of our playground as they create a playground wishlist. Students will be selecting their station of choice and mapping out what the station would look like on our playground with their group members.

Grammar: We'll continue to review subject/predicate of a sentence and be looking for adjectives, nouns, verbs, and articles in our reading. All spelling groups will work on contractions this week.