Livestock Nutrition

By Cynthia and Autumn :)

Feed Quality Issues

Safeguarding agaisnt contamination, handling issues and factors that affect feed costs.

Indicators of feed quality problems

Buyers are unable to puchase cetain feed products due to the fact that it is too expensive even though it may be the best nutrient filled feed there is.Unfortunately, because buyers are unable to afford the best quality feeds,their animals are the ones that run the risk of being unhealthy. By buying cheaper feeds,the quality of it may not be the most effective towards their animals.The buyers also run the risk of buying a contaminated product which in extreme cases can cause death to the animal. Buying cheaper feed may also mean poor packaging leading to more hazards such as contamination.

Health Problems

Death (in extreme cases), stomach problems,changed eating habits,abnormal behavior,etc.

Controlling feed quality to prevent problems

Ask questions when choosing/buying a feed product, seek a nutritionist and gather information, reseach a feed product and look into ingredients/nutrients.

Reasons for storage differences

Some feeds have to be stored in such a way that the food will not rot and go bad or smell and attract other animals that may contaminate the feed.

What can be used to evaluate the quality of feed

Screening tests and sample tests